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Nature, Science & Human

Everything that exists in nature makes our life worth by human science and technology. Nature harmonizes with humans and makes our lives richer. The scent in nature refreshes us and helps keep more active.

Very Deep and Mysterious

Human beings can not replace nature, We try to present the value of nature to humans.
Our innovative technology makes nature more useful. It turns unnecessary natural materials into more useful resources.

Re-creation of Nature

We discover and develop the immense possibilities of nature through collaboration between nature and science.

Benefits of Natural Energy

Fresh air, warm sunlight, healthy soil, pure water.
All energy make you rich and beautiful.

A Fantastic Blend of Nature and Science, Right Here!

We discover and supply useful phytochemicals that exist in nature through our innovative technology in the filed of new drugs, cosmetics and foods.

Ensol Phyto-Mall: Functional Phyto-Chemical Bank
The Leading and Innovative Supplier of High Quality Phytochemicals

As the BT/IT leading company for bioinformatics and drug discovery, Ensol has been proceeding ongoing excavations for a variety of natural core materials in the field of drug R&D and then founded Ensol Phyto-Mall (EPM) in 2015.
So far we has enhanced the efficiency of extraction and isolation of natural materials present in Nature through the Ensol Products Purification & Analysis (EPPA) platform technology, and directly produced a variety of rare phytochemicals. We have improved the reliability of the quality of the products by introducing various high-tech analysis equipment and systems, and then has supplied numerous rare natural materials to research groups in the fields of pharmaceuticals, foods and cosmetics.
The natural materials made in our company will be developed as high value-added materials by grafting KISDD and CISDD BT·IT convergence technology. In addition, our EPM center will supply in-house natural materials as the core material to natural products research institutions. In addition, we are committed to providing more practical information and contents about natural products through a sufficient convergence on customer feedback.
Our Phyto-Chemical Bank holds a variety of herbal extracts and fractions from natural sources, and has continually refined as pure natural materials such as flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenoids, lignans, etc. for biological activity screening and analysis.
Finally, Ensol promises to become a leading company that provides services and technologies to satisfy the customer in the 21st century bio-materials market.