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Ensol Biosciences Inc.

(34036) 51, Techno 10-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Tel. +82-42-939-4500; Fax. +82-42-935-4501

Get off at ‘Chung-byuk-san park intersection’ bus stop, and go straight after crossing the crosswalk.
– Blue Bus: 918 (Chung-byuk-san park intersection)
– Green Bus: 1 (Chung-byuk-san park)

Turn right at the Bukdaejeon IC Intersection → Turn right into ‘jeonmindong, tapripdong’ direction → Go straight about 2.5km → Turn left at Chung-byuk-san park intersection
Out of the Sintanjin IC, turn right at the deombawi intersection → Go about 2km along the Sintanjin road → Driving on ‘Cheonbyeon high-speed urban roads’ and turn right into ‘Yongsin Bridge’ direction